Blank Pages.

I love the moment when I unwrap and open a new notebook. The smell of the pages…how they seem to be so rigid that they push back. It feels like I get to hit the “redo” button. And try it – whatever that “it” may be – all over again. 

Many of you probably stumbled across this website because you once listened to the music I made several years ago. Perhaps you even visited this webspace back when it was a website dedicated to all of the travels and music… ad nauseam. Now, you’re somewhat scratching your head, wondering what happened. Maybe we met when I worked at __________. Or during that trip to_________….or our mutual friend __________.

Life really has a way of kicking you in the teeth when you lose sight of the target. I mean….like needing some reconstructive surgery type of kicking in the upper jaw. 

So much has changed. So much is better than it’s ever been – but that’s not without a road traveled that I never expected to experience first-hand. Today, there are blank pages in front of me. For that, I cannot express enough gratitude. Hopefully, as time goes on, and I write more specifically about it all – it will be encouragement for someone, wherever they may be reading, at just the right moment. 

2018 has been a year of “new, blank pages” and writing is a world I never ventured into. Ever. But in a new season, why not. I may write about minimalism, food, travels, finances and other craziness – but what I truly seek is some fun and refreshing conversation. Ha! Even if I’m only talking to myself for a while. 🙂 

Talk soon. – NW