How to Be Anxious 😰

For a while now, I’ve loved listening to podcasts and reading essays by these guys – known as “the minimalists.”

I had to share this tonight. No, I don’t claim to suffer from anxiety, but it’s certainly something I know creeps up at different times during the day. I mean – come on – EVERYONE, in some way, deals with anxiety. Clinical (as it is for 40 million Americans) or not, it’s an issue. 

Just the title alone makes me feel like I’m going to realize the secret sauce on how NOT to be anxious…or maybe reading this will cause anxiety because I’ll now realize how much I do all of these things. Ok, I’m done. I’m getting anxious.  Check them out at

Enjoy. ; )   –NW

How to Be Anxious


By Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus · Follow: FacebookTwitterInstagram


Create less.
Consume more.
Crave nonessentials.
Regard everything as precious.
Refuse to let go.
Stare at the rearview.
Espouse cynicism.
Feign sincerity.
Channel surf.
Watch the news.
Peruse social media.
Inhabit the email inbox.
Focus on productivity.
Compare achievements.
Yearn for success.
Forsake sleep.
Forgo exercise.
Seek quantity.
Disregard quality.
Hide from fear.
Reject help.
Hold grudges.
Flout gratitude.
Ignore friendships.
Expand the to-do list.
Embrace perfectionism.
Stay busy.
Take on debt.
Go to the mall.
Fabricate goals.
Raise expectations.
Lower standards.
Spend more.
Save less.
Rely on handouts.
Shun contribution.
Think only about self.
Ruminate on the unchangeable.
Say yes to everything.